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PIG® Leak Diverter Bucket Kit for Roofs

  • Portable Kit contains all the basics you need to rapidly respond to an overhead leak or drip, all in a compact, easily stored 24.6L pail
  • Pail lid has a removable plug to allow the drainage hose to be inserted without having to remove the lid
  • Nonpermeable tarp is vinyl coated for strength and durability; resists punctures, UV and mildew for long life
  • Translucent material lets light pass through; hang grommetted tarp from ceiling using included rubber straps
  • Hose safely channels liquid from tarp to floor drain or collection container; clear material is inconspicuous and allows you to monitor flow; flow rate of 12.6 litres/minute when used with a 1.2cm ID hose
  • Pail can be used as a collection container for diverted liquid; printed with "Caution" message, so it doubles as a warning sign to alert people to possible slipping hazards
Item Number Product Name Dimensions Details Unit
TLS667 PIG® Leak Diverter Bucket Kit for Roofs 152cm W x 152cm L 7 L/Box 1 each
TLS668 PIG® Leak Diverter Bucket Kit for Roofs 213cm W x 213cm L 7 L/Box 1 each
TLS121 PIG® Leak Diverter Bucket Kit for Roofs 152 cm x 152 cm Transparent 1 Drainage hose, 4 adjustable hanging straps, 1 Bucket, 1 Drain fitting

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  • How to Install PIG Roof Leak Diverters (UK)