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PIG® DRI Loose Absorbent

  • Unlike clay, which is simply coated with liquid, fast-wicking cellulose-based kaolin granules begin to soak up liquid the moment they touch the spill
  • 100% recycled content is a byproduct of the paper-making process, ideal when green products are desired or required
  • Non-abrasive, low-dust composition will not harm floors or expensive machinery
  • Silica-free composition does not pose the health hazards associated with breathing in clay dust
  • Light-weight absorbent is easier than clay to carry and use without injury
  • Contains 100% post-consumer recycled cellulose waste.
Item Number Product Name Dimensions Details Unit
PLP213-1 PIG® DRI Loose Absorbent - Sold by Bag N/A Absorbs 18.9 L/Bag 1 Bag
PLP219 PIG® Dri Loose Absorbent - Shaker Bottle Absorbs 9.5 L/Box 4/box

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