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New!PIG® Water Hogs

  • Prevent frozen fuel lines and gelled fuel; just drop Water Hog into tank for fast absorption of water
  • Combats rust, algae, and filter blockage to prevent premature engine wear and potential failure
  • Attached line allows easy deployment and retrieval
Item Number Product Name Dimensions Details Unit
WTR200 PIG® Water Hog New 2,5 cm dia x 22,9 cm L Absorbs 83 ml 1 each
WTR201 PIG® Water Hog New 3,8 cm dia x 27,9 cm L Absorbs 204 ml 1 each
WTR202 PIG® Water Hog New 6,3 cm dia x 27,9 cm L Absorbs 385 ml 1 each
WTR203 PIG® Water Hog New 8,25 cm diax 26,7 cm L Absorbs 745 ml 1 each
SKM406 PIG® Water Hog ext. dia. 4cm x 31cm L Grey 1 each

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