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World’s best stuff for leaks, drips and spills.®

Accessories for PIG® Leak Diverters

  • Attaches to any Leak Diverter to channel liquid to a drain or holding tank
  • Clear material is inconspicuous in most environments and allows you to monitor liquid flow
  • Includes a hook-and-loop closure belt to hold Hose in a tight loop for easy storage and transportation
  • 762cm L 305cm L and polyethylene Hoses with 1.2cm interior diameter resists a variety of chemicals
  • Straps may be used with all Leak Diverters for overhead leak and drip protection, 4 Straps per bag
Item Number Product Name Dimensions Details Unit
TLS559 Adjustable Hanging Straps 1.5m L Black 4/bag
TLS680 Quick Connect Set int. dia. 3.8cm x 8cm L Black 1 each
TLS682 Elbow Hose Connector 5cm W x 5cm L x 2.5cm H White 1 each
TLS174 Reinforced Clear Drainage Hose int. dia. 1.6cm x 305cm L Clear 1 each
TLS690 Clear Drainage Hose Int. Dia. 1,2 cm x 305 cm Transparent 1 each
TLS679 Clear Drainage Hose 1.9 cm x 762 cm Transparent 1 each
TLS472 Rubber Straps 4/Pack 61 cm Long Black 4 Pack
TLS471 Rubber Straps 4/Pack 49 cm Long Black 4 Pack
TLS470 Rubber Straps 4/Pack 36 cm Long Black 4 Pack

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