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PIG® Skimmer Socks

  • UV- and chemical-resistant polypropylene skin and filler absorb oils but repel water-based liquids
  • Ideal for skimming oil off acid or caustic baths or for use in other acidic environments
  • Spunbond polypropylene skin is UV resistant up to 12 months; meets ANSI and MIL spec standards for static decay
  • Attached string allows socks to be tied down, tied together or dipped into tanks
  • Absorbs and retains oil-based liquids - including lubricants, fuels and cleaning agents - without taking in a drop of water; float at the surface for easy retrieval
  • Contains 98% pre-consumer recycled polypropylene filler.
Item Number Product Name Dimensions Details Unit
SKM203 PIG® Skimmer Socks 8 cm Dia x 3 m Absorbs 57 L/Box 6 socks/box
104PS PIG® Skimmer Socks 8 cm Dia x 122 cm Absorbs 38 L/Box 10 socks/box

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